BUMP-N-UGLIES: The All American 4 Pack: 7"

Jun 23, 2009

This is a band I’ve only heard one song at a time in various compilations. Everything I have heard consistently kicks ass. This time, I get four whole songs by them and they don’t let me down. Their music is hard rockin’ punk with some funny lyrics. They seem to be big fans of wrestling as well (“It Ain’t Cheatin’ If the Ref Ain’t Lookin’). “Hard Core Pride” is my personal favorite. This might instantly make you think they are giving props to hardcore music. Even better… hardcore porn. “Eighteen years old, nothing to do/ can’t drink or smoke, ‘cause your friends won’t approve/ dirty bookstore, you go inside/ its time to represent hard core pride!” It’s definitely got me singing along with fist in the air. It’s nice to see bands sing something so near and dear to my heart. Now I just need my Hard Core Pride tee shirt (hint hint). This is on Low Down Recordings, which seems to be a brand new label since this and one other recording are the only things on their website catalog. So why not help this fledging label out @ www.lowdownrecordings.com. (Hey B-N-U, how ‘bout that tee shirt now?)

 –toby (Low Down)