BUMMER’S EVE: Self-titled: LP

Jul 22, 2016

I was initially turned off by the band’s name (a pun on a douche, if you didn’t know) and the remedial watercolor painting that occupies the front and back cover (as well as the lyric insert); but, being the good reviewer that I am, I reserved (most) judgment until I actually heard what Bummer’s Eve had going. I was pleasantly surprised when the record started off with a dark, driving bass line. Then the guitars and vocals kicked in, and I realized that the intro was a major misdirect. What we have here is some lo-fi punk with a pop bite and heavy effect on the vocals. Overall, they’ve got a good sound, but I don’t think they wield their power too well. Unfortunately, the album lost my interest and seemed to drag on. The songs, while somewhat distinct from one another, all seem to blend together. Furthermore, the songs are way too long. Songs like these should rarely pass the two and one-half minute mark. Yet, not one of these songs is under that duration. Some of them cruise along to the four-minute mark, and one passes the five-minute mark. A bit of editing would have gone a long way here. 

 –Vincent (Almost Ready)