BUMMER: Kings on the Run: 7”

Sep 24, 2014

Montreal’s an odd place. Probably more music per capita than anywhere else in the region, yet breaking out is tough for just that reason, it seems. Popular bands play for massive crowds in sold-out clubs, while the younger bands have to work a little harder to cut their teeth. Point being, while I’ve heard of Bummer—living a couple of hours away—I haven’t had a chance to check them out. And then this beautifully packaged and well-presented single comes in the mail, which makes you feel like a fool for not knowing it existed before. The Quebec three-piece play ‘90s-style, aggressive (yet emotive) post-punk. Still grungy enough to make you want more—far from anything too slick. The vocals are sang in an almost gang-style, yelling tone, while still being on key. A number of bands from Montreal are doing this sort of thing at the moment, but Bummer seem to stick out. There’s another 7” out in the wild as well, so I’d also recommend tracking that down, too, if this genre gets you going. 

 –Steve Adamyk (Housebreaker / Lost Cat / Sex Cave)

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