Jul 06, 2011

On the newest full-length from these Tijuana/Chula Vista hardcore heroes, Bumbkläätt doesn’t disappoint. I’ve long been impressed by the sheer ferocity and intensity of the band. Precision, speed, and volume coalesce in to one of the most bad-assed, rippingest, slayingest bands of the genre and it’s all on display for you here. And, what’s more, the band is reunited with former member Fernando Cruz (Run For Your Fucking Life, Sleepwalkers R.I.P.) which is really nice to see. The record itself is on a platter of red and black swirled vinyl. The album artwork and album sleeve is remarkable on its own, designed and screened by drummer and vocalist Adrian Balderrama. All in all it’s a great package, lovingly and painstakingly created hardcore brilliance and released on the band’s own label, Ratpaste.

 –Jeff Proctor (Ratpaste)