May 28, 2014

Don’t know about you, but I periodically need music that pecks my brain clean. So clean I can barely think outside the music. So clean that it’s a black hole in there. Music that’s all claws and talons and beaks ripping. Separate the decay from the bone. Rupture corrupting thoughts. Lacerate. Birds of prey on mental carrion. Luctusis a gnarly album, but like a flock of crows interrupted mid-feast, there’s also a dark, glistening beauty to their action, their pure movements, their outspread wings in flight. It’s instinct—death is a part of life. In more musical terms, it’s melody-and-bulldozer-at-the-landfill hardcore, symphonic crust that stands shoulder to shoulder (both in time served as a band and recorded output) with Tragedy and From Ashes Rise. Bümbklåått is bi-located in San Diego and Tijuana and one of the most underrated-outside-of-their-hometown hardcore bands in the country. Put down that melting, dripping flavor-of-the-week popsicle and get in on a long-running dark feast. 

 –todd (Prank)