Aug 15, 2006

I wasn’t the biggest fan of the Teen Idols (from TN), but they had this one song, “20 Below” on Pucker Up, that I loved. It had mixed male/female vocals that set it apart from all their other songs. Forward to Bullets To Broadway, comprised mostly of members of Teen Idols, and a very strong presence of Heather’s vocals mixed into the songs which makes me wonder why the Teen Idols never used her more. Her voice is the perfect honey to Kevin’s grit. The music’s super-catchy, which is probably why it’s been high on the rotation at Razorcake HQ. My only caveat is that, following in the Teen Idol tradition, there is quite a bit of production here. In most cases, I think too much production can make bands sound sterile, and I typically lose interest. Thankfully, Bullets To Broadway seem to find the balance of being produced, but not over produced and sound far from sterile.

 –megan (Red Scare)