BULLET PROOF HEARTS: “American Custom” b/w “Apparently”: 7”

Nov 13, 2013

Sounds like a Nebraskan version of what the Professionals sounded like after they stopped writing the best singles ever and became merely ordinary—that is to say, not terrible, but not terribly interesting, either. There’s a really pronounced, RAWK drum sound on this record that I think certain factions of musical society hold as some manner of wonderful ideal to which all mankind should strive, but I find it sort of overly commercial and off-putting. I’m guessing people who liked bands like the Libertines or Electric Frankenstein will probably dig this band, but I really think that calling a twenty-to-thirty year moratorium on any band that has the word “hearts” in their name these days is the wisest choice for all parties concerned. The b-side features a song off of a 1996 Glen Matlock solo album of which I’ve never heard, and doesn’t sound wholly different from their original. BEST SONG: “Apparently” BEST SONG TITLE: Apparently, “Apparently.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: There sure the hell are a lot of boobs on the covers of the records I’ve been assigned to review this month.

 –norb (Drastic Plastic, drasticplasticrecords.com)