BUILDINGS: Melt Cry Sleep: CD

This is what would happen if one of the vocalists from Q And Not U (no, not him—yeah, the other one) decided to start a band that sounded like Shellac or The Jesus Lizard and then remembered some grunge music from when they were teens in the early ‘90s. Ten songs. Thirty-one minutes of aggressive rock with thick bass lines and changing time signatures. It’s all kinds of discordant, but not in an annoying way; it’s just the style they play. I’ve heard this kind of stuff dozens of times before, so it’s not that interesting to me unless it’s got a real original take on things or serves to stir up some good memories (neither of which Melt Cry Sleep does). However, Buildings can play competently, which is far more than I can say about a lot of bands nowadays.

 –kurt (Double Plus Good)