BUGS, THE: Self-titled: CD

Sep 06, 2008

From the first song, I’m thinkin’ “Wow, these guys sound like they desperately wanna be the current Queers trying to be the “We’d Have a Riot Doing Heroin”-era Queers, only with dopier lyrics about “lesbos,” smoking dope, fearing becoming gay, a desire to be Mexican, and an unhealthy obsession with Dave Navarro’s goatee. Then I look at the press sheet to see who these quasi-Queers are and, lo and behold, one of ’em is a Queers bassist. Dunno what’s sadder, though—that their strained efforts at being frat boy offensive ring hollow, or that the music’s light years better than the last Queers album I heard.

 –jimmy (www.myspace.com/zodiackillerrecords)

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