BUGS, THE: Self-titled: CD

When I went to a Queers show recently, I saw this disc on their merch table. I wasn’t really paying much attention to it, but the fact that it was five bucks led me to flip it over and read the song titles. SOLD! With song titles like “Back on the Weed,” “I Wish I Was A Mexican,” and the deal-sealing “Dave Navarro’s Goatee Fucking Sucks,” I knew I had to have it. It turns out that current Queers’ bass player Dangerous Dave is the leader of these yahoos and you can hear the influences. Imagine most of the Queers’ “Beach Boys-iness” stripped away to reveal a scrappy, drug-fueled heart with feelings for lesbians and she-males and not working. I listened to this at maximum volume ten or twelve times in a row (I think some of my co-workers were starting to get upset) and couldn’t get enough. If you are like me and think that the world needs someone to take up the mantle of the Nobodys, then The Bugs are for you!

 –ty (World)