BUDGET, THE: Demo: Cassette

Nov 26, 2012

This is stupid Filth, Blatz, Hickey style hardcore from Asheville that is impossible not to like. While hardly indispensable, there were plenty of times I found myself wanting to spin songs like “GTA Garbage Truck,” a song about getting drunk, stealing a garbage truck, and disposing of hipsters, cops, crack whores, and fascists or the song “Titan” a song about squatting Titan (a spaceship or rocket, I presume) and taking it to Saturn where there’s free beer, room for all the punks, and “a godless town, where they build a church just to burn it down.” As a bonus, there’s an awesome surf song called “Water Boarding.” The hand-drawn insert is punk as fuck with a zine-like aesthetic. It’s just good times all around.

 –Craven (Self-released, [email protected])

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