BUCK BILOXI AND THE FUCKS: Weirdos on the Street: EP

Minimal lo-fi/no-fi type punk rock type stuff here. This is the kind of stuff I always hope to stumble on when I’m at record shops fingering through the racks. The cover art is jacked up and makes no sense whatsoever. The kind of thing that is vexing to the fan with limited funds: “Do I pull the trigger and get this, or go the safe route and get the record with torn apart bodies on it and four songs about how war is bad?” The wise decision for you would be to get this, as this is something you will still listen to in years to come. Four songs of scratchy guitar sound similar to “Nervous Breakdown” Black Flag, and drums and vocals. I don’t think there’s a bass here. Whatever, it’s still a pretty damn good record. Plus, this has the attitude that many bands try desperately to attain. The title track is evidence, listing a few of the less desirable elements of society and declaring his hatred towards them. Then you get a couple songs; “Shut the Fuck Up,” and “Shut the Hell Up,” just in case you didn’t listen the first time. Seek this one out.

 –M.Avrg (Orgone Toilet, facebook.com/pages/Orgone-Toilet)