Sep 16, 2011

I have a friend who I’ve been in a couple of bands with who is completely insane, and would go on rants out of nowhere. I always joked about recording him constantly and putting out an LP of him talking. If this is what it would turn into, I probably should have followed through. This record consists of stream-of-consciousness-style spoken word over found noise. The writing is awkward. The best way to describe the style and feeling is if you tried to imagine David Sedaris getting drunk and calling a suicide hotline. I really like this record even though I feel sort of dirty and voyeuristic when I listen to it. –Ian Wise (Private Leisure Industries,

 –Ian Wise (Private Leisure Industries,

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MICK TROUBLE: It’s the Mick Trouble EP: 7”

November 22, 2017
Early ‘80s English punk pop, long thought lost to time... or is it? One view: label says Mick Trouble was an up-and-comer in the vein of Nick Lowe and Wreckless Eric, a favorite of John Peel, on the cusp of breaking through before simply disappearing. Years later, these recordings were discovered. Another view: “Mick Trouble” is actually a contemporary New York musician adept at mimicking the early ‘80s English sound. If so, job well done. Getting that guitar jangle/high end bass/snappy snare combo is no easy engineering feat, even if one has vintage equipment. Regardless of origin, all four songs on this EP are fantastic. “Shut Your Bleeding Gob You Git” is tops for me, with its sneering, driving delivery and Ramones-like vocal harmonies. Label Emotional Response was unknown to me, but I see they’re the ones who put out the Typical Girls comps I’ve been looking for (I think... can’t find my want list since I moved.) The rest of their catalog deserves some attention, too. A sleeper label, for sure. If I may quibble, I would have made side two the lead, but I can do that in my own home, can’t I? Since getting this record, I’ve gone back and forth on which origin story I believe. Currently, I’m leaning towards the “fake” version. The evidence swaying me that way is that label press says this EP is from 1980, but the record sleeve says it was recorded in 1983. Game well played! –Sal Lucci (Emotional Response)
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