BRUTAL KNIGHTS: The Pleasure Is All Thine: CD

Nov 21, 2006

Ex-members of Teen Crud Combo here with a sound that brings to mind Wimpy from the Queers fronting Zeke. Fast and snotty with the requisite “shocking” sex references. I love the Queers, Early GG, and the Angry Samoans, but I am mostly burnt out on the boring “shock value” themes of bands still playing this stuff. Of course none of that would matter if the songs are good enough, as M.O.T.O. and Head continue to prove. Hell, I even dug the latest Jabbers disc but this just kind of sits there. If you still feel that songs about stuff that has been done to death are funny or you wanna offend easy targets like your Pat Robertson loving uncle, this is for you. Tesco Vee fans will love this and I guess you can decide from that whether this is for you or not.

 –frame (Deranged)