BRUTAL KNIGHTS: Blown 2 Completion: LP

Mar 01, 2011

Brutal Knights are like the type of person who shows up to a party and says a lot of wild shit, a lot of things people are thinking but don’t have the balls to say. A lot of it is stupid and juvenile, but that’s the point, and when they leave the party dies. Quite a few bands try to have a humorous angle and come off sounding like a bunch of douchebags. These guys are actually funny. How can you not laugh at “I’ll S Your D” (raging song as well), “Sky Mall,” and “Bad Choice” (did they really fuck up on the transition from mid tempo to speedy at the end?)? Musically, they still sound like they could have been on Touch & Go in the early ‘80s. Some speedy songs mixed in with the mid tempos, so not everything becomes one big blur. “Summertime Coffee” is the oddest song of the twelve, with the drum machine and keyboard embellishments. But it works. If you liked these guys before, you’ll still like ‘em here, maybe more so. If you’re not acquainted, this is a good time as any.

 –M.Avrg (Deranged,