BRUISES, THE: Never Be the Same: CD

It’s apparently official: “alternative” rock has replaced the mellow, doobie-friendly hippie-vibe singer/songwriter shit bands like the Eagles and their ilk foisted upon the world four decades ago. I guess, these days this slightly more sonically aggressive type of guitar-pop is, indeed, an alternative to the painful metal-rap wretchedness and faceless teen-pop twaddle saturating the modern music consciousness, but in the end it’s just as scrubbed clean of any potentially controversial edges as those other dominant genres and is perpetually putting on its cutesiest face just in case the majors come a-callin’ to strip mine an old format under the guise of fulfilling another set of antiquated dreams of superstardom. Here’s one more disc of would-be alt-rock hopefuls, squeaky clean and ready for their shot at the big time. In the end, I’m predicting they’ll at best be another obscure name on the soundtrack to an even obscurer teenybop flick with little more for their effort than a tale they can tell their grandchildren about the days when they were in the music biz. Long live (corporate) rock’n’roll.

 –jimmy (The Bruises,