BRUDTE LOFTER: Kobenhavn: 7”

Mar 29, 2016

I hate guitar solos. They are tedious exercises in vanity. Rarely do they even make sense within the confines of the song and, more often than not, the playing isn’t all that great anyway. They kill a song’s momentum. They are the equivalent of a singer taking thirty seconds mid-song to do some scatting. Fuck guitar solos. But! If a guitar solo is legitimately good, I fall in love hard. The solo in the title track of this record is the perfect example. It’s not flashy, but it’s smart. It builds upon what has been happening in the song. It takes the song to another level, and then lets itself get eaten up by the remainder of the song, and is used as energy to build something greater. This record does everything the right way, not just the guitar solos. It’s the work of an angry punk band that spent time crafting three songs that deserve immortality on wax. Give them a listen. 

 –MP Johnson (Halshugga,