Mar 24, 2009

Browntrout: I first heard Browntrout on their split with Gleam Garden. I first heard Gleam Garden on their split with Dan Padilla. I checked out Dan Padilla because of Tiltwheel. So, in a way, I like Browntrout because I like Tiltwheel. So, if you like Tiltwheel, you might like Browntrout. If you don’t like Tiltwheel, bummer for you. Anyhow, Browntrout is a pop punk band from Japan with strong melodic leanings. They have an upbeat sound that juxtaposes interestingly with their downtrodden lyrics. Great stuff! Drunken Boat (PDX): I like just about everything I’ve heard from this band, but the two tracks on here leave me bummed. The instrumentation is kind of, well, I don’t play, but it lacks some of the power and intricacy of some of their other material. I’d still rather listen to this than some of the stuff I’m reviewing this time around, but I hope that this isn’t the direction of things to come for this typically awesome band.

 –Vincent (Snuffy Smiles)