These Indiana siblings start out sounding akin to that crawling garage sound of Y2K-era Detroit garage champs The Go, with “As The World Goes Round” ((noting—correctly—that “Search and Destroy” was at the top, not bottom, of Iggy’s vocal range)), and continue to touch on the whole Go/Stooges/Detroit thing periodically throughout the album ((“Cheetah out on the Street”)). In what can only be perceived as a bald-faced motion to restore their civic pride, however, they quickly swing to more overtly poppy branches with stuff like “Walk Away” and “Girl like You,” which might as well be by fellow Hoosiers the Happy Thoughts for all you know. The album’s contents are a little too all-over-the-place to produce a deep, alpha-state groove in the listener, but all the songs are pretty dang good; I’m going to recommend you buy 144 copies because that will be funniest. BEST SONG: “Don’t Want Nobody” BEST SONG TITLE: Anything but “Cheetah out on the Street,” that just sounds dopey. FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Background singing on some songs supplied by Devo Freckelton!

 –norb (Bad Track)