BROTHERHOOD OF ELECTRICITY, THE: Invisible b/w The Hearse, Nothing: 7”

Jul 25, 2006

Hell yeah. Revved-up, Young Lion Conspiracy rock’n’roll. They don’t have to plead with the listener to boogie; it’s all on the vinyl. It’s hoppin’, cracklin’, slippery, bouncin’ like popcorn sizzling in a pan without a lid. Listen after listen, in crept the spirit of The Gories, Poison 13, and the most electric-mouthed Gun Club tracks. The Brotherhood includes three folks (and a lady—ladies can be brothers in my book, too) who are or have been in eleven different bands, including The Winks, This Damn Town, and Tractor Sex Fatality. As a side note, the choice of a more roots-activated bunch covering Negative Approach’s “Nothing” is excellent. Let’s bring this all around: at its very core, this is music and the difference—if hearts are in right places—between hardcore and more garagey-rootsy punk ain’t that big of a jump if folks are willing to look beyond the costumes and to gettin’ down. Great stuff.

 –todd (Super Secret)