BROONIES, THE: Mid-Life Crisis: CD

Mid-Life Crisis is seven songs and thirteen minutes of crazy, rough, dirty-sounding punk. There’s certainly a ‘60s garage influence here, but from the moment I started listening to Mid-Life Crisis I couldn’t help but think this would be right up the alley of many a Razorcake listener. There are exciting bursts of energy that come through their music, such that I imagine The Broonies put on a good live show. They’re not afraid to tear it up and also be a little lo-fi and odd. The first track, “Hello Up There,” is a good example of this with its range of vocals and sound: screaming and spoken vocals, a Hawaiian guitar, trudging discordance, and a lo-fi mix. Not bad. While I got this on CD, you can also download it for free on The Broonies’ bandcamp site.  –kurt (