BROONIES, THE: Love’s Sanitarium: CD

If you can imagine some great garage rock both from the sixties to now, then take out a whole of talent. Replace that talent with fun and then throw in some of the drug-addled influence of Spaceman 3 and maybe a midget Velvet Underground cover band and you’ll have The Broonies. It has the fun amateurishness of The Bananas or the softer parts of Los Rabbis, but it’s a bit weirder and more out there. Dopey, fun, and weirdly calming. I liked it. However, the weird, black-bottomed CD-R didn’t work in my CD player. And only it only worked in my computer after several tries. I recommend searching out the free download on Bandcamp for that reason. Too bad, it had nice homemade packaging.

 –Craven (Self-released)