BROOD, THE: If Tomorrow Comes: Cassette

May 30, 2014

Not to be confused with the ex-Suicidal Tendencies crossover project, The Brood of Philadelphia play ominous hardcore with heavy anarcho leanings. Breakneck riffs collapse into sludgy breakdowns, channeling Discharge as much as Dropdead and early Poison Idea. Frontman Ned’s gruff, growling lead vocals are well complemented by plenty of hoarse backup shrieks; the demo’s best moments are when the whole ugly mess comes together for the furious shoutalong choruses. Bitter, nihilistic lyrics—printed in scratchy white on black—lend themselves to the sinister atmosphere. If you like your hardcore fast, dark, and heavy, this may well be your new winter jam. 

 –Indiana Laub (Self-released,