BROOD, THE: Defective: 7”

Jan 15, 2015

Heavy hardcore grind band with dual male and female vocals, much like Antischism. The Brood plays music that is musically in the same vain as anarcho punk with more introspective, non-political lyrics. Mainly, there are male vocals with a sprinkling of backup female vocals—and on some songs they refrain each other. They meld really well together, each and every song. The gruff, aggressive male vocals are present and enunciated so you can still make out the words. (Though if your ear isn’t tuned well enough for that, they included a lyric sheet (thank you!) that you can follow along with.) It blows my mind when bands spring the cash to press records but don’t include any info about themselves or the content of their lyrics. Track four, “Sleepwalking,” has the best balance of the two vocalists and my favorite line in the release: “You’ve lived inside your head too long / you’ll fucking die there, too far gone.” It’s a great “get off your ass and do something” record. Way to be motivating while also shredding. 

 –Kayla Greet (Self-released)

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