Nov 07, 2008

This record’s packaging is boss. Like an ultra-thick sleeve, it’s the kind of cardboard (is that what LP sleeves are made of? It’s like a cardboard/paper stock, right?) the band Chicago used in their mid-‘70s heyday. Jazz rock and thick LP sleeves. Bitchin’. Anyway, I’m glad this record by Broken Strings doesn’t suck like a Chicago album—it only has a thick LP cover in common with the gods of ‘70s rock. (For good measure—fuck Chicago and every record they ever made. All of them.) Broken Strings—their bio thing mentions California post-psychedelia. Not so much ‘cause I have, like, all of those records (the Rose Garden, Byrds, the Association, etc.) and Broken Strings doesn’t sound like a descendant. Broken Strings sounds more like the Wipers, Syd Barrett, and that pop trio Cheap Time that just came out. That’s a great pedigree to me….Awesome record. And that’s rare—an awesome record. P.S. Where are you Nick Tosches? Chicago is still around and you’re not trashing their records like you used to.

 –ryan (True Panther Sounds,