BROKEN NEEDLE: Discography: CD

Los Angeles circa now is not at all synonymous with the words “great” and “hardcore scene.” And that’s too bad because amidst bands and venues that come and go without leaving a lasting impression, there are bands like Broken Needle who prove that punk and hardcore isn’t a passing phase for them. Like any band that evolves into their sound, members came and went from the likes of Life’s Halt, Total Chaos, and Street Trash. Eventually, they would settle down with their current lineup comprised of Holier Than Thou?, Knife Fight, and Fields Of Fire alumni, not to mention one incredibly talented prodigy drummer who isn’t old enough to buy alcohol yet has also lent his services to Dr. Know (among others). This CD compiles the band’s up-to-date discography, spanning their 2004 demo (a demo I played the shit out of in anticipation of a proper release), a full length LP, EP, and compilation tracks. Most of the bands previously mentioned (the mohawked guys being the glaring exception) are spot-on references to Broken Needle’s sound: anthem-inducing, pit-starting hardcore deeply rooted in the influence of the first wave of bands from both the East and West coasts of the U.S. It’s very obvious that the guitars lead the band in their earlier recordings, whereas the newer songs are much more straight forward in approach. You can’t count Los Angeles out of the hardcore world just yet. Not if Broken Needle has anything to say about it.

 –Juan Espinosa (Lengua Armada,