Feb 21, 2008

Broken Heroes: Two mind-bogglingly stupid songs, the dumber of the two being “Smashing Hippies,” an ode to beating hippies “with all your heart.” Apparently to these geniuses, however, “hippies” are anyone who disagrees with the current war and are “spouting all you’re [sic] commie shit.” Well, as a former skinhead, let me just ask you this: If you are so filled with “pride,” why don’t you fuck off to the nearest recruitment center, join up and become another “working class” corpse killed in yet another rich man’s war instead of sitting safely at home and writing songs about beating up those who may disagree with your blind, ignorant patriotism? Toughskins: Ahhhh, now I understand where these jerkoffs – uh, bands – are coming from, as the Toughskins have laid it out for all to see in their opening salvo, “Payback”: “I know you dream of the day when you come here/own some seven elevens but you smell weird… all you fuckers – payback is a bitch – better pray to allah you don’t wind up in a ditch.” These is racist baldies, and I’m willing to bet that they’re of the ilk that says shit like, “We’re not racist, we’re just proud of our country and who we are,” and then proceed to spout off dumb, hypocritical shit like the above. Well, now that you’ve been sussed, allow me to extend a middle finger to each of you.

 –jimmy (Headache)