BROKEN BOTTLES: Radioactive San Onofre: 7"

Jul 10, 2009

Fuck, it took me half a song to figure why this sounds so familiar. Think of Broken Bottles as releasing the never-before-discovered studio tracks to Social Distortion's Mommy's Little Monster (the vocals are a tad higher and less gruff, but still). I don't mean that as a slight – these would be choice cuts. As a matter of fact, fuckin' bravo. Somehow, and I'm quite sure how, they've captured and stomped on entire nuclear water balloon that Mike Ness and Co. have been steering away from for the last twenty years. What makes this less a re-tread on a tire that's got 70,000 miles on it already and more of a souped-up, modern-day soundtrack to Repo Man? Little things. Like the ability to write a motherfucking song that sounds as ominous as a siren and is easy and catchy as an STD during spring break. It sounds paranoid, too, so don’t worry, it doesn't sound like hair gel nü punk. Jes the Mess sounds like he singing surrounded by barbed wire while the band sounds like they're trying to break free. Me likey. On a related note: did Hostage just get paid? Fuckin' a – absolutely beautiful color packaging that matches the quality inside.


 –todd (Hostage)