Oct 16, 2008

I wonder about the future of the Broken Bottles. The way I see it, in ten years I may say, “Yeah, I saw those guys at the Doll Hut with Smogtown,” and people will be amazed and say that they read about that show in such-and-such book and hundreds of people will claim to have been there when, in reality, only about thirty people were. Either that, or I’ll say, “Man, Broken Bottles could’ve been the biggest OC punk band since Social Distortion, but they self-destructed,” and people will say, “Who?” One thing’s for sure, I’ve passed on Broken Bottles CDs and played Broken Bottles seven inches for dozens of people, and everyone has instantly become a fan. Not Pretty is a perfect introduction to them, too. It’s melodic and catchy and a little disturbed (they sing about killing cats and starring in a porn with Kelly Osbourne) and, if radio stations got their hands on “Gothic Chicks,” Broken Bottles would be an overnight sensation. Before that happens, pick up this awesome EP, and pick up their Radioactive San Onofre and Bloody Mary seven inches, while you’re at it.

 –sean (Finger)

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