BROKEN BOTTLES: In the Bottles: CD

Jan 28, 2009

Broken Bottles is one of my favorite bands right now. I love to see them live, and I can’t listen to their seven inches and EP enough. So I was really excited to get this, their first full album. Now that I have it, I have to say, it’s pretty cool, but I’m not blown away. I think this is probably one of the best albums of the year, but it’s not as impressive as Broken Bottles’ previous releases. They’ve included some of their best songs from the EPs on this, like “Gothic Chicks,” “Kelly Osbourne,” and “Bloody Mary,” but the new versions of these songs are a little slower and a little cleaner. To be honest, though, I prefer them faster and dirtier. Some of the new songs are really cool, too, like “Drinking in the Rain” and “Sixteen Forever.” And “Pink Swastika” is pretty funny. As a whole, these guys have taken the best of Southern California bands like Social Distortion, TSOL, and the US Bombs and developed a rad new sound with it. I highly recommend this album. I just know that these guys have more punk rock in them than this album shows.

 –sean (TKO)

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