Jun 01, 2009

Brokedowns: How rad would it be if the Brokedowns got to sing at the funeral of George W. Bush instead of someone like Huey Lewis? And then they got to shoot the M-16s at the end and use a string of flags as a slip’n’slide. I know that’s coming from left field, but I think that’d be great. Maybe it’s that their songs are serious laments—barky and staccato—but in a way that smells in the pits like a band that doesn’t take themselves too seriously. Turkish Techno: Are getting more tightly wound with each release that comes through Razorcake HQ, and when they’re spinning on the turntable, instead of picturing a hula girl on a dashboard, I see one Martin Ploy III, known to many of us as Party Marty, spilling half his beer, smiling his fuckin’ face off, then yelling along to the band while pointing to their heads. They sound exactly like that.

 –todd (Traffic Street)

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