BROKEDOWNS, THE: Life Is a Breeze: CD/LP

Mar 18, 2015

“The Brokedowns go to the Beach.” It’s not just the palm tree imagery or the lyrical allusions to sand, waves, or tans; this album’s got some serious beach punkvibes. Before you start imagining White Wires or Guantanamo Baywatch or what-the-fuck-ever else “beach punk” means to you though, remember that we are still talking about The Brokedowns: the gruffest, heaviest, meanest-sounding band in DIY punk. The record recalls the tropical guitar riffage from the band’s 2010 song, “ApocalypseSeasideHeights,” expands on it, and spreads it across an album. But as the most creative band in our scene, they’ve got plenty of other tricks up their sleeve, so don’t think this is some one-note show. There’s nothing beachy about the title track and when the guitar riff creeps across the bridge, it’s so calculated and evil that I’m pretty sure it could fucking kill people. And the song’s refrain—that “life is a breeze—at least it’s always for me”—is the kind of sardonic, pissfaced snark that makes my insides smile… Let’s just say it’s the best album of 2014. Pick it up if you like Insomniac, Witches With Dicks, or anything catchy and caustic. 

 –Sam (Red Scare)