BRODY’S MILITIA: Napalm Zeppelin Raids: EP

Right fuckin’ here is a record that you need to run out and get. Or make your fingers do that tappy tap dance across your keyboard or mobile device and order this righteous black slab and have it sent direct to your turntable. Many have tried and most have failed, but Brody’s Militia have successfully blended thrashy hardcore with a more hard rocking edge. It’s like it was their secret weapon and they’ve been waiting some time to unleash it on the unsuspecting masses. This opens up with the skull-jarring thrash of “Toothless Skull” and then, suddenly, there’s this catchy-as-hell riff that catches you unprepared—but it’s so good and executed with precision—you go with it, and the songs and the rock just keep getting better and more dominant as the record plays. Hit the second side, and the Southern-fried rock seasonings really come to the fore, and yet the lyrical content is very much on the hardcore punk side with its straight-to-the-point attacks on a vapid world. “Sheep Fucking in the Heartland” and “Dumbfuck Fanfare” kill! The guitar tone is nasty, and the delivery has the finesse of a blunt instrument to the skull. I’m really hoping there’s more to come from these guys. Continue down this path, please! 

 –M.Avrg (SPHC)