Oct 16, 2008

My friend Andrew calls Broadcast the band that Stereolab always wanted to be. I don’t mind Stereolab, but Broadcast has always held my heart. Stereolab was always the more French-pop sixties group when Broadcast was the evil, moody-as-fuck and romantically bitter sixties pop group. But, of course, it’s 2003, and not 1966. This is sort of a sneakpeak at their next full length – featuring one track, “Pendulum,” that will appear on it – this song opens this EP – a tripped-out psychedelic, raw electronic single, my favorite song. Vocalist Trish Kennans has a delicate and amazing voice that counteracts the harsh raw tones of their recordings. Their music is a soundtrack – it’s like a dream. This is the music that causes out of body experiences. “Small Song IV” is a rough and spacey vocal track that almost comes off more like an improv session. I just love the sound of their recordings. I keep using the term raw, but you can just hear a pin drop in the room. It’s great. Broadcast is also known for their moody instrumentals, which shines on the tripped-out “Violent Playground” (no, not a Nitzer Ebb cover), and “One Hour Empire.” These are the four tracks that truly standout, compared to the more unexciting vocal track “Still Feels Like Tears,” and the noisy, chaotic closer instrumental “Minus Two.” I am anxious to hear their upcoming full length. Their last LP, The Noise Made By People, from 2000 was one of my favorites of the year.

 –Sarah Shay (Warp)