BRO LOAF: Self-titled: CDEP

May 03, 2011

I understand it’s a joke and I get what they’re trying to do. Living in close proximity to Tempe, AZ and Arizona State University, these guys come across a lot of “bros” and thought it clever to start a band, wherein they dress and act like said “bros” and put on ridiculous, over the top stage shows to showcase how witty they are. Here are a couple problems:  Fashion is fleeting. Mocking it is a trivial pursuit at best. Tastes in general and specifically as they relate to the bro phenotype (hair, clothing, etc.) come and go. Basing your entire band’s cosmology on superficial trends makes you, well, superficial. The other thing is, your band sounds like Guttermouth, which is entirely inexcusable.

 –Jeff Proctor (