BRISTLES, THE: Bigger than Punk: EP

Jul 24, 2013

Had to do a little poking around about this one ‘cause there’ve been a few bands that have gone under the “Bristles” moniker over the decades, and it turns out that this is, in fact the latest from the legendary Swedish hardcore act best known for the inclusion of their tune “Don’t Give Up” on MRR’s also-legendary Welcome to 1984 comp. After a number of years on hiatus, they’ve apparently again been active with most of the lineup intact since 2009 and have released a few other things as well. Very fuggin’ cool. They’re still mining an oi-influenced hardcore sound, with songs both zippy and anthemic, and lyrics that still attack the shittier aspects of modern life with a pointed directness too few bands of more recent vintage are willing. Great to hear an old Swedish come back so up on their game, and it’s especially fun that the album title is an homage of sorts to political hip hop gadflies Dead Prez.

 –jimmy (Heptown)