BRISTLE: 30 Blasts from the Past: CD

Mar 22, 2007

First saw these guys at an AA clubhouse in Tacoma in 1995 when we were on tour and secured an opening slot on said gig, which also featured the mighty DOA headlining. They were nice guys, politely enthusiastic of the jarocho/norteño/cumbia/hardcore punk we were peddlin’, and their set, comprised primarily of hardcore steeped in early to mid-‘80s influence, was pretty smokin’. They even gave me a free 7-inch EP, which naturally solidified my fandom. The music on here is a collection of tracks (including the ones from the aforementioned EP) they recorded in the time surrounding that magic year when our bands crossed paths. The sound is reminiscent of old-timers like Jackshit and the like, meaning this is no-frills hardcore that pays its respects to its elders, yet they are still good enough at what they’re doing to effectively inject some life into the old workhorse. A decade later and I gotta say, I still dig these guys a lot.

 –jimmy (Rodent Popsicle)