BRIMSTONE HOWL: We Came in Peace: CD

Jul 02, 2009

Brimstone Howl’s We Came in Peace is a solid record. It’s also an interesting album because its influences are those late ‘70s/early ‘80s blues-punk and sleaze rock bands that are often overlooked; groups like Australia’s the Saints and the Scientists and California’s The Joneses. There’s also a Paisley Underground feel in some of Brimstone Howl’s guitar playing (check “Shangri-La,” a standout track on the album). Brimstone Howl made a smart choice in working with Jim Diamond—a producer known for banging out records in two days and getting great results (see the Compulsive Gamblers’ sublime Crystal Gazing/Luck Amazing and Miss Alex White’s eponymous debut). Pretty top-notch stuff—fans of the aforementioned bands and the Born Bad comps will likely be into We Came in Peace.

 –ryan (Alive Natural Sound,