BRIMSTONE HOWL: Beat of the Heat b/w Six and Seven: 7”

Sep 05, 2006

A bit of a disconnect for me: I was expecting amped-up rockabilly. (Coming from the word “Howl” in the band’s name and the word “Speed,” in record company’s name.) The a-side’s more like a Doors-inspired walk-along that sets an atmosphere for a guitar solo. The b-side’s a slow gospel burner that praises Jesus (“the in-crowd, well I guess it’s okay, but it can’t save my soul on Judgment Day”), and is awash in a curtain of organ and meandering guitar work that slides into another solo. I can’t say this comes recommended, but whoever did the great sparkly silver ink work on the cover deserves a big cookie. It’s pretty.

 –todd (Speed! Nebraska)