BRIGHT IDEAS: Saturdays and the Turning Tide: LP

Mar 16, 2012

It took me several listens to get my knee jerk reactions to settle down. This is pop. Pop pop. There’s nothing ragged, sharp, scrappy, angry, or aggravated about it. We cagily hung out after we got off work. Got a couple of beers. We found ourselves at the same parties; I was ready to take the needle off the vinyl at any time. But Bright Ideas proved several things. They’re not precious. They’re not embarrassing. They’re not fluff or a sugar-candied shell. They’re just really good pop pop; nothing to be defensive about. Originally recorded in 2005 and solely released on CD, Bright Ideas features two thirds of the Bananas—Marie and Scott. On drums is Tim White. And knowing Squirmy Records— having released the fantastic Dirty Marquee record—and having been soaking in the rays of both Thee Makeout Party and The Clean lately, there’s a continuum of like-minded bands afoot. It’s sort of like the clean-cut, non-cut-off-shorts, daily-shower-schedule, different-career-path-but-still-cool cousin to The Bananas or Onion Flavored Rings. Sounds like riding your bike during the summer without shoes on.

 –todd (Squirmy)

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