Briefs, The: The Greatest Story Ever Told: DVD

Aug 18, 2008

So, apparently, the new hip trend for reviews is to send DVDs on plastic cards, not actual DVD discs that you can play in a DVD player. The fancy plastic card has The Briefs press shot on one side and on the other side there is a code that gives you access to download the video off the web. At first I thought it was a pretty novel idea, but I remembered how old-fashioned and picky I am when I went to watch the DVD. I first thought you could access the video and stream it on the Internet, no issue. But then I realized that I had to download the huge file on to my already cluttered computer. Not something I wanted to do. So after it took forever to download on my computer I was able to watch it. Next issue was that I don’t really like watching movies on my PC. I’d rather watch movies on a big TV screen. Also, the movie was grainy on my computer. I feel slighted because I don’t think I got to enjoy this movie to its utmost degree.
But as far as the documentary goes, it kicked booty. The Briefs are one of my favorite bands, so I am partial. But it was nice to get some more back story to their journey as a band. The documentary starts off with how they met and started a band. It does not do the whole back story on where they grew up and what they were like as kids, but I guess it was nice to stay focused and talk about their lives since the formation of the Briefs.
The documentary includes interviews with the whole band, to give a comprehensive tale of what has happened thus far. The most interesting parts are when they talk about signing to a major label, their journey, and eventual uneasy time with it. And fans also get to hear the story on why Mr. Lance Romance left the band. It’s nice to hear about it directly from the band. They do, however, splice him leaving the band with footage of a funeral procession. It was hard to tell if they were making fun of him or if they just thought it was funny to add an extra level of drama. The only thing is that when Lance talks about leaving the band, they say he had a lot of "responsibilities" to take care of. I thought they should have just been a little more descriptive about it. If you choose to make a documentary about your band, then you should be willing to spill some of the beans. But I guess that’s just because I’m a nosy jerk. But still, it was very interesting to hear the story. Gotta love band drama; it’s like watching a soap opera with dudes who are dirty, drunken slobs with guitars, and live in vans.
The movie was cool. I just wish I could put the DVD in my movie collection… But the documentary has lots of live footage, good interviews, and good stories from other people who know the band. The funniest part is the end of the movie when their tour manager, Falcon, looks like he’s on acid and talks about being a dog and eating shit. It’s a worthy purchase. –Jenny Moncayo (BYO, PO Box 67609, LA, CA 90067)