BRIEFS, THE: Steal Yer Heart: CD

Aug 15, 2006

My two Briefs experiences are as follows: in 2002 (I think), I saw them opening for The Dammed. I dug them, but I guess I was too hammered to remember to get a CD. Summer 2005: Warped Tour—I did not see them live but I did see them give a teenager a free mohawk with his $25 Briefs purchase. I’m sure his mother was thrilled when he got home. I fantasized about getting my own but the flack at work would be torture. My anecdotes should give you a clue that this band of ruffians are punk rock extraordinaire. This record does not falter. Snotty, pissed-off vocals, funny song titles, and oil burning guitar solos. All you need for the holidays. “Lint Fabrik” sounds like a Dee Dee Ramone outtake. “I Can’t Work” will be the new slacker anthem for the kids—bank on it! “Normal Jerks” channels the Buzzcocks with class. No songs over four minutes so don’t expect any Yes-like solos. Just pure debauchery and good times. Viva Le Briefs!

 –koepenick (BYO)

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