BRIEFS, THE: Singles Only: 5 x 7”

If you’re a fan of their Boys-meets-Voidoids brand of catchy-yet-quirky punk, but are either a latecomer to the party or were too busy getting high first go-’round, here it is, your one-stop instant Briefs singles-and-ephemera collection: a box set with ten singles-worth of tunes crammed onto five 7-inchers, a six-song demo cassette, a download that includes even more tunes, a promo poster for their Hit After Hit debut album, a promo postcard, an exclusive button, and a booklet. As with most Modern Action releases, the pressing is quite limited and different packaging versions existed within said pressing, so you’d best act quick-like if you wanna keep from mortgaging your home for a copy. 

 –jimmy (Modern Action)