BRIEFS, THE: C’mon Squash Me Like a Bug: 7"

Sep 18, 2009

Lyrically, the Briefs work along the lines of the best of country music (Hank Sr., Cash). No fancy words. No difficult concepts. Just stripped down glimpses into life. Simple stuff, but very far from easy to pull off without sounding like a fucking idiot. They've got dumbsmart nailed. And bouncing. You can't help but wanna jump around when you listen to them. Musically, they're like top-notch drugs and alcohol - pure and distilled, they squeeze out the best sweat of bands I love (Rezillos, Zero Boys, early Damned, Undertones), sieve it thorough a sweaty, frayed tube socks, and they wrap it around notes of their own. It sounds classic without choking on dust balls. Yeah. Fuck, yeah. Grade A punk rock.

 –todd (Sub Pop)

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