BRIEFS, LES: The Joy of Killing: 7"

Mar 15, 2008

This French release is the least Briefs-sounding Briefs record I’ve ever heard, mostly because it’s all covers and the Briefs’ Adverts bounce is replaced, mainly by razor blades and hard stares. But, fuck it, I like the Killed By Death obscuro feel it emits. They start off with “Kill the Hippies” by The Casualties (just joking, although they have a song of the same title), by one of Dangerhouse’s jewels, the Deadbeats (and if I remember right, the original version featured Geza X who produced and engineered some great Dead Kennedys and Germs stuff.) Then they slip on The Panics’ socks with “I Wanna Kill My Mom.” The Panics claim – and they haven’t yet been disputed – as being Indiana's first high school punk rock band. Flip it over and there’s a straight-up charge through the Angry Samoans’ “Todd Killings” and an equally “yup, that kinda sounds like the original” take on the Damned’s “Born to Kill.” “Kill” is the last track, originally unchained by Alberto Y Lost Trios Paranoias (a strange band that was a very British hybrid of Monty Python-type comedy and the new-wavey Cock Sparrer) comes out like Vom (pre-Angry Samoans). Not an essential release, but fun nonetheless. 

 –todd (Lollipop)

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