Nov 07, 2008

Bridge And Tunnel whisk me away to an era of rampant sweater-vestery and when Morning Again and Harvest were names that meant something to more than a few people. With their Our Own Wars-type feel, American Football-style fretwork, and occasionally Fugazi-esque delivery recall a time when some unquestionably embarrassing “new-school straightedge hardcore” trend-hops eventually led to my discovering Hot Water Music, thus paving the way to my becoming a part of the wonderful community of DIY punk rockers I’ve called home for some time now. The guy/gal vocals in this band are perhaps the best combination thereof that I can think of, whether singing separately or blending together seamlessly, and, lyrically, Bridge And Tunnel are a cut above most of their musical kin, usually looking out instead of in. There are some seriously goosebumpy moments on this record, and I can’t wait to see these songs played live. Killer.

 –Dave William (No Idea)