Bride of the Reaper: By Charles Romalotti, 204 pgs. By Andy Conway

Apr 13, 2011

Salad Days author Charles Romalotti returns with Bride of the Reaper, a gory tale set in the punk rock scene of 1985. The book opens with a graphically violent scene set during the Civil War and the bloodshed doesn’t let up as it goes on. I don’t know about you, but I like anything involving a haunted house (except for real haunted houses, of which I am petrified) and Bride of the Reaper is centered around one. This book also includes a literary cameo by the Dead Kennedys, something that not too many other horror novels out there can boast (pretty sure HP Lovecraft was more of a Black Flag guy). Fans of punk rock and horror will like this. Wait, I guess I just mean that fans of the Misfits will like this. Yeah, that’s it. – Andy Conway (Layman Books,

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