BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE, THE: Bravery Repetition and Noise: CD

May 29, 2002

This is British-style garage-pop that strongly tugs at the heart while melodiously overwhelming the ears with an intricate and calmative swirl of well-versed aural poetry. It’s as if the insane magical minstrel, Syd Barrett, were all-at-once fronting Her Satanically Majestic Rolling Stones, The Small Faces, Mazzy Star, The Cure (circa Boys Don’t Cry), The Velvet Underground, an acoustic T. Rex, and, especially, The Kinks during their post-British Invasion Well-Respected/Preservation Society era. When perfectly formulated songs like these effervescently introduce themselves to my ears, I bow my head in reverent recognition of such mesmerizing sonic splendor and then listen intently for hours on end as the blissful, solitary strains of otherworldly musical astuteness soothes the inner sanctums of my soul. Such is the everlasting, life-altering power of The Brian Jonestown Massacre! Bravery Repetition and Noise is some of the sweetest, most sparkling aural originality ever created for the benefit of mankind.

 –Roger Moser Jr. (Bomp)

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