BRENDA’S FRIEND: Under the Shrub: CS

Nov 16, 2015

Amy Oelsner and Erin Tobey, the multi-instrumentalists behind Brenda’s Friend, have a lot going for them, but keep it minimalistic on their seven-track cassette Under the Shrub. Their voices vacillate between angelic, snarky, and twee, but always blend perfectly. Songs like “King of the Doctors” and “Estate Sale” rely only on guitar, leaving lots of space in which listeners can wander and daydream. “Thunder Pillow” and “Mother’s Tongue” play with percussive elements, “Freon” experiments with psych-y, spacey guitar tones, and “Comedy Show” has apparently decided it’s time for you to have a good cry. A keen, almost subversive humor buried in the poetic lyrics ties the record together from start to finish. If you need someone to score your new indie film, your search is over.

 –Kelley O’Death (Let’s Pretend, [email protected],

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