BREMEN: Self-titled: 2 x LP

May 08, 2013

Lanchy, from Totalitär, Krig I Hudik, and Brainbombs makes up half of this very interesting duo. Mentioning his past efforts, you might expect some hardcore or misanthropic Flipper-esque kind of music. Not the case here. I point this out because it’s refreshing to see a musician not rest on their laurels and take the safe route. Bremen are a mix of drone, psych, spacerock (“Moon of Led” brings to mind Hawkwind), and krautrock. Four of my favorite musical forms in mixed into one project? Please! Not to mention it has someone who has played in bands I have immense respect for? Can it get any better? Yes! This record has me locked in, giving myself over to the drone or the sweeping feedback that screams and yet has this hypnotic quality about it. “Bastogne” is a somber piano piece closing out the first side. Keys are hit, sound fills the room and fades away with guitar lurking in the background, never really making its presence known too much until the end. It’s the songs like the aforementioned “Bastgone,” “Don’t Bring Me Home Yet,” “Debris in Orbit,” and “Nitrate Blossom” that really pull me in to this record. To the point where I don’t want it to end. This is the kind of music that shuts the world out, all without resorting to being loud. The power is in the quiet and dark and the mood they create. Excellent, excellent album. –M.Avrg

 –guest (Skrammel, [email protected],